About Us

About Us

POOF®-Slinky® is the manufacturer of the world famous Slinky®, and the ever popular POOF® foam balls. Ideal® and Scientic Explorer™ are other well-known names that add a wide scope of game and educational play to our line of recognizable brands.

The recent addition of Alex Toys adds an exciting global presence to the Poof-Slinky family. ALEX’s learning and discovery toys are currently sold in over 80 countries worldwide in the upscale specialty market through a myriad of retail stores, catalogs and websites.

While we know that our games and toys build hand-eye coordination, sports skills, and even academic knowledge, we zoom in on the fun and entertainment value of each of our toys. Children having fun will learn through play, even if they don’t know it!

For seventy years, Slinky® has been a household name. That slinkity sound, the famous Slinky® song, and the Slinky® name summon childhood memories, nostalgia for a simpler time, and hours of independent, creative play. A child with a Slinky? Magic!

POOF® toys offer great ideas for both active outdoor and quiet indoor play. Teaching and encouraging motor skills and cognitive creativity, POOF® continues to be a front-runner in toy design for children of all ages… with lots of fun built in!

Slinky® and POOF® brands are made in their original hometowns of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania and Plymouth, Michigan.

Scientific Explorer™ kits have helped children to learn by doing, to satisfy and encourage bright curiosity, to explore, and create. The Scientic Explorer™ brand continues to offer kids and parents new and interesting kits that combine activity and science with so much fun, it is often hilarious!

The Ideal® Brand is broad, with games and toys for all ages and interests. Creative activity kits, seasonal activities, toys for learning facts and trivia, and magic tricks are just the beginning. A wide variety of games; board games, electronic sport games, skill building games, and games of strategy and chance, add depth to the line. In 2012, Poof-Slinky® acquired Fundex Games. Many iconic games like What’s in Ned’s Head?®, Jarts, and Electronic Hot Potato™ have been added to the 100 year old Ideal brand. Today’s parents recognize many of these games from their own childhood years. Classic play is still fun today!

Known since 1986 for quality art supplies and crafts for kids, the ALEX brand has expanded over the years to a lifestyle brand for creative fun! From infant to toddler to tween, and every age in-between, we empower confidence building by providing children with an opportunity to learn and explore their capabilities while having fun at the same time! While arts and crafts still remain at the core of our brand, there are also tons of great fun, imaginative, and active outdoor toys that simply encourage the freedom to be a kid! ALEX fosters growth, and a sense of individualism, by providing innovative creative projects for kids to explore. Our crafts and DIY products provide trendy styles even tweens will be proud to show off!

Join us on our journey to learning, discovery, and fun with the many facets of Poof-Slinky!