ALEX BRANDS™ Launches 150 New Products at Toy Fair 2014

ALEX BRANDS™ Launches 150 New Products at Toy Fair 2014

New Family of Leading Toy Brands, Comprised of ALEX TOY […]

New Family of Leading Toy Brands, Comprised of ALEX TOYS®, POOF®, SLINKY®, SCIENTIFIC EXPLORER®, IDEAL® and ZOOB®, Offers a Counter Point to Digital and Video Games

Northvale, NJ, February 12, 2014 – The ALEX BRANDS™ family will build on its heritage of delivering high quality, innovative toys that encourage exploration, foster confidence, and introduce valuable lifetime skills with over 150 new product offerings at Toy Fair 2014.

“We offer parent alternatives to the influx of digital and video games on the market by providing children with playtime toys that encourage creative and active play,” says Andy Bailen, Executive Vice President of Merchandising & Marketing.

From classic, timeless toys and games to open-ended activities that emphasize children’s developmental needs, ALEX BRANDS™ collective portfolio, sold worldwide, includes more than 2,000 products spanning the diverse categories of games, science kits, preschool and infant toys, construction sets, craft activity kits, art supplies, bath toys, Made in the USA foam sports balls, and the iconic SLINKY®.

Highlights of the products that will be shown at Toy Fair 2014 include:


Tweens with a discerning eye for style will love ALEX TOYS® new DIY jewelry craft kits such as Spike Jewelry or Chain Bracelets. ALEX TOYS® draws inspiration directly from tweens and incorporates the most popular fashion design elements in their trend-leading DIY kits.


The innovative “Web Grip Technology” used in the new Spider Footballand Spider Soccer Ball makes it easier for children to handle the foam balls, helps improve performance, and builds gross motor skills and coordination.


The Slinky® Dog Collector’s Edition is a nostalgic nod towards the classic toy with its well-known slinkity sound and ability to follow along behind when pulled. He is a squirming, wiggling, adorable dog for kids of all ages to love. Kids will love the four new bright colors the Original Color Slinky® comes in – quadruple the fun.


Interactive experiments that help make learning fun is why SCIENTIFIC EXPLORER®  is a leader in activity-based science kits for children. This year SCIENTIFIC EXPLORER® will introduce nine new science kits with various themes and complexity from how to make ice cream to how rockets are made, including “My First” science kits that are specifically designed to introduce younger kids, age 4+, to the fun of experimenting.


2014 IDEAL product introductions include a wide range of games, building sets, magic kits, and outdoor toys. Kids can learn how to put on their own magic show from Professional Magician Ryan Oakes with his Mega Magic Show Kit, build the perfect snow kingdom with Sno-Castle Kit, or improve hand/eye coordination with a game of Smack Ball.


ZOOB® building sets are unique in that the pieces move after they are put together, allowing for truly interactive creations. 2014 product introductions include innovative extensions to the line such as Z-BRICKS, a new ZOOB® piece that connects with other brands of classic plastic building bricks, construction sets with glow in the dark pieces such as Creepy Glow Creatures and Glow Dinos, and a more powerful fastback ZOOBMobile truck. Products will be available this summer.

For a preview, please visit ALEX Brands at Toy Fair: POOF-Slinky/ZOOB Booth #2237 and ALEX Toys Booth #2133. More detailed information on 2014 product introductions is available in the POOF-Slinky Toy Fair Green Room and the ALEX Toys Toy Fair Green Room.


The ALEX BRANDS family includes some of the most highly recognizable and award winning toys in the industry. ALEX TOYS® provides high quality toys, art supplies and craft activity kits that inspire creative expression in children of all ages. POOF® is the world’s leading brand of foam sports balls, many of which are Made in the USA.

SLINKY® has been the icon of classic fun and a quintessential childhood toy since 1945. SCIENTIFIC EXPLORER®  is the industry leader in children’s educational activity-based science kits. The IDEAL® brand is an emblem of nostalgic fun encompassing a wide variety of games, activity kits, magic sets and classic toys. Award-winning ZOOB® building sets are designed to move after they are put together, allowing for truly interactive creations. For more information about ALEX BRANDS, please visit