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All About Volcanoes Kit


All About Volcanoes

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Product Description

Explore the most destructive forces on earth! Paint and display 7 different types of volcanoes and a geyser! Create eruptions up to 6 feet high! Our Amazing Volcanoes will bring you safely face to face with the most awesome and destructive forces on Earth! Paint your volcanoes and identify the real ones they are modeled after, explore with different kinds of eruptions from puny trickles to mighty gushers, and read about the earliest known eyewitness report of an eruption! 9 different science activities are included in this great science kit.


  • Paint guide
  • Poster
  • 32-page manual
  • Landscape
  • Volcano bottle
  • 2 straws
  • 2 decal sheets
  • Paint brush
  • Paint set
  • 4 plastic tubes
  • Sponge


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