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Mythbusters™ Crashes & Crack-Ups Toolbox


Mythbusters™ Crashes & Crack-Ups Toolbox

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Product Description

This product is now discontinued and no longer available on this site.

There will be lots of variables to test in the myths Jamie and Adam included in this kit, which try to prove some of the crazy stories the guys had heard about crashes and collisions. Why do some of these collisions end in minor scrapes and others lead to major crack-ups? That’s where the guys turn to science. Things like velocity (also known as speed), weight and friction all come into play. Kids will also learn about the Scientific Method. Race your own car, test the effects of wind on car crashes, learn if hidden energy can move a car, test the myth of heavy weight & more! Hours of in home science experiments are included! Scientific Explorer™ science kits make great educational gifts for kids!

Included in this kit:

  • 7 traffic cones
  • 6 metal weights
  • 5 tracks
  • 4 connectors
  • 3 airfoil rods
  • 3 cars
  • 2 road signs
  • 2 cardboard buster figures
  • Clamp
  • Airfoil templates
  • Full-color 18-page activity guide!


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