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0SEA2123 Mythbusters
Mythbusters Power of Air Pressure

Mythbusters™ Burp, Barf & Blow Toolbox


Mythbusters™ Burp, Barf & Blow Toolbox

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Product Description

This product has been discontinued and no longer available here.

Have a gas with the ƒ??Deadly Belchƒ? and other air-powered experiments! In this Mythbustersƒ?› kit kids will get to the bottom of air pressure. You might not even notice the air around you, but it packs a powerful punch. Can it cause your stomach to explode? Will it help your bones predict the weather? If you get the air free, can you save your house during a tornado? In this kit kids will build their own marshmallow launcher, learn about belching, predict the weather with their bones, find out if trains can float on air, and more! Scientific Explorerƒ?› science kits make great educational gifts for kids! The Mythbustersƒ?› Power of Air Pressure science kit provides hours of in home science experiments! This kit is great for kids 9 and up.

Kit includes:

  • Baking Soda
  • Citric acid
  • 12 PVS pipes
  • 6 pom poms
  • 4 paper clips
  • 3 brass nuts
  • 2 balloons
  • 2 pipettes
  • 2 soda bottles & caps
  • Clear canister
  • Measuring spoon
  • Full-color 14-page activity book


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