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Tough Puzzle Combo
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One Tough Puzzle™ & Another Tough Puzzle Combo™


One Tough Puzzle & Another Tough Puzzle Combo

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Product Description

“If you like a challenge, look no further than the One Tough Puzzle and Another Tough Puzzle Combo Pack!

One Tough Puzzle: This puzzle has only nine pieces! There are 300,000 wrong ways, but only 1 right way to assemble this puzzle. Just when you think you’ve got it, the last piece won’t fit. This is truly One Tough Puzzle!

Another Tough Puzzle: Are you ready for a new ultra challenging puzzle? With millions of wrong solutions, the chance of solving this puzzle is one in 600,000. It may look easy to put the 16 pieces together correctly, but just when you think you’ve done it, the last piece proves you wrong!

Brainteasers are great for helping kids and adults strengthen their mental muscles! Puzzles help kids develop problem-solving and memory skills! Designed for kids ages and adults ages 7 and up!”