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Brain Bender & Timber Tumble Combo
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Brain Benders & Timber Tumble Tin Combo


Brain Benders & Timber Tumble Tin Combo

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Product Description

There’s no need to choose which building puzzle game you want – With our Brain Benders and Timber Tumble Combo, you get both!

Brain Benders in Tin: Four 3D wood puzzles to stretch your brain. Comes in a handy storage tin. Diagrams of each puzzle included in case you can’t quite solve the puzzle. Challenge your friends or time yourself!

Timber Tumble in Tin: Timber Tumble comes with 48 solid wood pieces and a lot of anticipation! Stack the blocks into a tower. Remove a block and place it on top of the tower. Players take turns restacking the tower. Be the last player to place a block on top of the tower with out making it tumble to win!