Ryan Oakes Lunch Box Set

Ryan Oakes Magic Lunch Box
1Ryan Oakes Lunch Box

Ryan Oakes Lunch Box Set


Ryan Oakes Lunch Box Set

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Product Description

Kids will be able to learn 101 magic tricks with the help of Ryan Oakes in this Magic Lunch Box Set by Ideal®! A thermal bottle mysteriously appears from an empty lunch box. Milk magically disappears and appears. Spoons turn into forks, a fly appears on a butter knife. This set features a instruction DVD starring Ryan Oakes! Did you know performing magic tricks can help your kids’ self-esteem, public speaking, communication, verbal, and critical thinking skills? A great gift for kids ages 8 and up!

Lunch Box Magic Set includes:

  • Magic lunch box
  • Thermal bottle with cup
  • Changing food cards
  • Changing food card box
  • Holey sandwich
  • 3-piece fork and spoon trick
  • Clean and dry knife
  • Fruit vision reading box
  • Hollow thumb tip
  • Levitating tool
  • Disappearing cloth napkin
  • Handkerchief vanisher
  • Instructional magic trick DVD starring Ryan Oakes


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