Slinky® Dog Bubble Blower Preschool

Slinky Dog Bubble Blower
1Slinky Dog Jr Bubble Blower

Slinky® Dog Bubble Blower Preschool


Slinky® Dog Bubble Blower Preschool

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Product Description

This product is now discontinued and no longer available on this site. This Slinky?? Dog Bubble Blower is sure to provide endless fun! Based off the loved Slinky?? Dog – a classic toy for generations and beloved character in the Toy Storyƒ?› movies – this toy has a built-in blower which blows endless bubbles for kids. All kids have to do is dip the toy in the included bubble tray, and press the button for hours of fun! This is the perfect kids toy for children 5 and up!


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