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Space Theater Planetarium


Space Theater Planetarium

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Product Description

Scientific Explorer Space Theater Planetarium is a fun tool to introduce you to the wonders of the night sky. The set includes a projector base that houses your light source; 2 LED lightbulbs, which require 2 C batteries (not included). The Star Dome is held in place with an adapter ring and has hundreds of small holes that each project the image of a single star. The Sky Mask is a second dome to project stars that are only visible in the night sky on a particular date and time. The 5 other Constellation Masks fit over the other masks to isolate different important star groups or constellations to making learning and identifying easy. There’s a Constellation Mask for each season, plus one for the stars of the northern sky that never set.  The Night Vision Saver helps you view the star maps in the Space Theater guide or change the masks in the dark while viewing your ceiling display. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.

  • The kit includes a projector base, star dome, adapter ring, 5 constellation masks, sky mask, audio CD, night vision saver, 2 LED bulbs (which are stored in the battery compartment the first time you unpack the set) and a 32-page science manual.
  • Requires 2 C batteries, not included
  • Audio CD provides instructions and mixes facts with stories about stars and constellations
  • All constellation masks can be adjusted to the different location of stars at different dates and times.



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